HashiConf 2017 Day 1


  • Mohit Arora from Jet.com: service and infrastructure manifests -> producing Nomad job and Terraform configurations

Sentinel: Nic Jackson

  • Policy language
  • sentinel CLI as simulator enables policy testing and mocking
  • import constructs
  • Q&A: code coverage, test files management are in the pipeline

Terraform and Packer @ Box.com: Nadeem Ahmad

  • Configuration Synchronization
  • Phase 1: Constantly build & verify images in Jenkins with custom YAML manifest describing image configuration and CLI on top of Packer JSON
  • Phase 2: Terraform - create and initialize instance using in-house Terraform configuration generator on custom YAML manifest. Recycle constantly with new images created in Phase 1
  • Interact with infrastructure via API

Terraform @ Segment.io: Calvin French-Owen

  • terraform-docs that generates Terraform module documentation
  • Segment Stack that contains number of useful Terraform configuration modules

Extending Terraform: Clint (@catsby)

  • Custom provider: usually 4 files: main.go, provider.go, resource_*.go and data_source_*.go

Terraform @ Ebay: Dana Hoffman & Paul Son

  • Not much info

Side talks

  • Radek Simko:
    • Run plan-only in Terraform provider acceptance tests
    • Decode authorization message
Written on September 19, 2017